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Company Infomation

Our Founding

Toyo Green Co., Ltd. was founded on December 1, 1969. Although with the merging of Toyo Maintenance Company Ltd. and Toyo Green Co., Ltd. on March 1, 2016, the establishment date (February 10, 1999) of the surviving company, Toyo Maintenance, became the registered establishment date, we keep December 1, 1969, the day Toyo Green was founded, as our founding date so that we do not forget the spirit of our Founder.

Our Activities

(1)Sales of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and other turf maintenance  
    products such as soil amendments, dethatching products, penetrants/wetting agents, coloring/marking materials, turf
    activating products/stress relievers/micronutrients turf/ground covers, relevant equipments/articles for golf courses,
    parks, green spaces, sport fields, baseball parks, etc..                   
(2)Commissioned pest and weed control at golf courses, parks, green spaces, sports fields, etc.
(3)Design, construction, management, and operation of facilities such as golf courses, parks, green spaces, sports fields,
    baseball parks, and indoor/outdoor sports facilities
(4)Consulting services related to the construction, maintenance, and management of golf courses, parks, green spaces,
    sports fields, baseball parks, etc.
(5)Design, construction and renovation of water supply and drainage facilities for golfcourses, parks, green spaces,
    grounds, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, etc.
(6)Sales of various types of turf and turf seeds
(7)Sales of turf related machineries
(8)Other related activities
TOYO GREEN CO.,LTD. Corporate Profile as of April 1. 2023
Establishment February 10, 1999
December 1, 1969 (Foundation date)
Paid-up Capital 38 million Japanese Yen
Number of employees 267
Annual Turnover (Past 3 years) 2021 3,841 million Japanese Yen
2022 4,718 million Japanese Yen
2023 4,173 million Japanese Yen
Stockholders Directors & employees 100%
Directors President Masashi Sasakura
Director Shoichi Kimura
Outside Director Youhei Ishihara
Auditor Satoshi Takihi
Banking reference Resona Bank,Ltd.    
Japan Finance Corporation
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
JOYO Bank, Ltd.
The Shiba Shinkin Bank
Our customers Golf courses, various sport grounds, ballparks, school campuses and other turf site owners throughout Japan
Turf maintenance product dealers
Turf maintenance companies
Main suppliers (in JAPAN) Ac-Planta Inc.
Agri Doc Co. Ltd.
BASF Japan Ltd.
Environmental Science Japan K.K.
Hodogaya UPL Co., Ltd.
Kuretake Co.,Ltd.
MC Ryokka Co., Ltd.
Maruyoshi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Nichino Ryokka Co., Ltd.
Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd.
SDS Biotech K.K.
Tateno Corporation
Main suppliers (Overseas) Barenbrug USA(USA)
Campey Turf Care Systems(UK)
Covermaster, Inc(Canada)
Douglas Plant Health(USA)
Fleet(Line Markers)Ltd(UK)
Maredo BV(The Netherlands)
Mountain View Seeds(USA)
PBI Gordon Corporation(USA)
Pennington Seeds, Inc.(USA)
Profile Products LLC(USA)
RhizoSolutions LLC(USA)
The Andersons,Inc.(USA)
T.I.P. Inc.(USA)
Turf Engineering/Graden(AUS)
Turftech International Limited(UK)
Underhill International Corporation(USA)